Happy Summer 2019!

On the Road Home…

The other day after a fun and productive workday up at Clearwater Ranch during the ride home with a fellow Clearwater Ranch Community (CRC) parent, we got to talking about some of the more horrifying experiences we'd gone through as parents of a child with special needs. Things people outside our special club could probably never imagine. Things that make you realize that little issues are just that… LITTLE. Even big issues aren't all that big – especially after all we have been through. We marveled at how far our kids had come and how far we as parents had come. It was a helpful reminder that sometimes even when things seem insurmountable, you look around and think… aw this – this is nothing!

It is this "WE CAN DO IT" attitude that we at Living Unlimited want to capitalize on. Living Unlimited is a nonprofit that is created to support families to band together to create a solution for long-term housing for their special children.

This brings up what we are doing to make Living Unlimited strong and sustainable. The Living Unlimited Board recently added two outstanding candidates to our Advisory Council: Lilian P. Ansari MS and Katie Carney. Click HERE for more details regarding these terrific additions.

Help from Harvard Business School Community Partners Program!
Recently a few members of our board met with Harvard Business School Community Partners (HBSCP) to review our nonprofit structure, plans, ideas, development, business plan, etc. and received input and suggestions on how to best move forward to make Living Unlimited strong and sustainable. In some cases they concurred with our own plans. One suggestion is to increase the Living Unlimited Board. If you know of potential candidates that have passion, vision and leadership qualities that they would like to share with our organization, please press HERE.
The mission of Living Unlimited is to empower parent initiated housing strategies for their children with three distinct concepts: To succeed, we need the involvement of parents. Already we have energetic and dedicated groups of parents who believe in our concept – and understand that solutions to their child's future will come from them, not from state or federal initiatives. Current initiatives include possible farms or ranches in Marin and Sonoma Counties, and apartments in Alameda, Berkeley and San Francisco. To succeed, these initiatives and Living Unlimited itself needs the help of volunteers. Will you volunteer to help?  If you do, your child's future living situation will reflect your vision for her or him, you will be exposed to other like-minded families and participate in the wonderful communities we are building.

Please help us, so we can help you and others like you.  We need volunteers for:
  • Community development
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Grant writing
  • Fund raising
  • Event planning
  • Volunteer organizing and recruiting
Help us create the future you wish to see for your child! 
Click Here to be a Volunteer Hero!
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) funds much of the support our children receive through its Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). HCBS include both medical and daily support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (and the elderly).

California Department of Developmental Services is hosting webinars on the Home and Community-Based Settings Final Rule. Training information is posted on the DDS website under HCBS TRAINING AND INFORMATION.
SSI/SSDI recipients are now eligible to apply for CalFresh
Ready for Emergencies?
Save the Date!
The San Francisco Autism Society and Living Unlimited are having a pool party to celebrate families of children 12 years and older who have developmental differences!
Sunday September 29, 2019
1:30pm until 5:30pm in Albany