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Questionnaire on Home Choices

We want to know about you because we are forming groups of like-minded families to work together. The more we know about you the more we can help!
  • My child is:
  • My child requires:
  • I can imagine my child transitioning from home:
  • I would consider purchasing a place before my child is actually ready to transition, and renting it out until we are ready.
  • I think the LU Community concept is:
  • For the right property, I could find some money to secure a home for life for my child. I have or could finance within a reasonable time:
  • Would you be willing and able to pay a non-refundable deposit of $10,000 to secure a place for your child. It would give us cash to complete our pre-closing inspections.
  • Are you ready to devote volunteer time to this effort?
  • Where would you rank an intentional community in a rural setting administered by LU (such as Clearwater Ranch near Cloverdale)?
  • Where would you rank a cluster of single-family homes in a suburban area administered by LU?
  • Where would you rank a shared apartment in an apartment building in which neurotypical tenants may also live, close to shops and other amenities (less rural and more urban) administered by LU?
  • For the right property, I could see my child living this distance from our home:
  • (if more than one email, put a ; [semicolon] between each)
  • Any additional information you would like to share or message you would like to give us.
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