The Road Home Living Unlimited Newsletter

Winter 2021

Welcome to the latest installment of The Road Home! As you spend time with your family this Thanksgiving we would like to share some of our latest news. We hope you will find it as inspiring as we have. 

Inspiration comes in many forms. In this issue you will read stories of challenge, hope, friendship and new beginnings. We are officially in our season of giving and if you feel inspired by what you read here, we humbly ask for your support! Your donations allow Living Unlimited to do the important work that will allow us to sustain and grow this organization so that we can serve more and more families.
 Many thanks to you!
Thriving at Clearwater Ranch
We recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our first Living Unlimited families! Diana McDonough shares her thoughts on her son's experience as a part of our communities.

"Our son, Michael, has lived at Clearwater Ranch for over a year now and is as happy and healthy as he's ever been. He loves his big house, the wide open spaces, his caregivers, and his housemates. He loves going for long walks and has reached a healthy goal weight for the first time in many years. He particularly loves walks into the town of Cloverdale where he greets everyone. Many recognize him with a friendly 'Hi Michael' and he provides a big smile in return. Michael loves being with people, enjoying movie night and just 'hanging with the guys.

"What we wanted for Michael was for him to have lifelong housing security and be part of a family style atmosphere, in a wide and mixed community of people who would recognize his sweet nature and love of companionship. This is why we chose Clearwater Ranch, and we are absolutely sure it was the right choice for him.

"Michael is truly blossoming beyond all of our dreams. He has a best friend for the first time in his life! He and his housemate Matt love spending time together. They look out for each other and truly care about each other. They even dress alike at their own choice! This remarkable living arrangement is the best of everything for Michael."
A Crisis in Caregiving
Chris Eugusa, a KALW public radio reporter, recently aired a piece on the caregiver crisis, featuring one of our very own Living Unlimited families. Fortunately, their son will eventually be living at Mustang Court Commons, our Petaluma anchor property, but the pandemic has had a huge impact on their family and on so many others in our disabled population.

This is a stark reminder of the important work that must continue if we are to provide a safety net for our growing population of I/DD adults.
If you get a chance, please *listen* to this report. The audio version is much more captivating. You can find the story HERE.
New Community in the Works
Exciting developments are taking place for a community forming in Alameda!

A group of families interested in a more urban experience for their children is focusing their sights on this quaint and friendly community. We now have six committed families and are excited to welcome more. Our group is enjoying getting to know each other through zoom and in-person gatherings, and our children are getting familiar with each other and the idea of living together. 

Alameda has an abundance of amenities and is a safe and easily navigated town. From the beautiful beach to the thriving downtown districts, it is a great place to call home.

Interested in learning more? Please reach out to Jackie JacksonDaley at
Mustang Acres Farm in Petaluma
It's Fall at the farm! The recent rains have brought fresh green grass and that has made for some very happy sheep.

Our community is growing and there are fresh opportunities to join us in this semi-rural paradise. Please reach out to Susan for more information at