About Karen

Karen Kaplan has spent the past 30 plus years developing and directing schools for the student with autism. She founded the Kaplan Foundation and directed its residential and educational program for nearly 20 years, in the Sacramento area.

She obtained her Bachelors and Masters in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Arizona State University and obtained her Severely Handicap and Administrative teaching credentials.

She founded and facilitated, the first Autism Lecture Series in the San Francisco North Bay Area for the past 9 years, bringing researchers, educators, therapists and those living on the spectrum to present, in order to help communities understand autism spectrum. She has volunteered in Indonesia, Africa and Mexico in helping centers and organizations expand capacity for working with those with additional needs, through the non-profit, Offerings.

On The Yellow Brick Road…A search for hope (Amazon) is her first memoir, written to help others understand the needs of the child with autism and her journey.

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