Welcome to the second edition of The Road Home newsletter.

We have an exciting update on a possible property purchase—
with more information coming.

Since this is a time of year when we express gratitude, some of the LU volunteers and family members have done just that, and you can read them below! If you have a statement of gratitude you would like to share, please send it to along with a picture, and we will publish it in a future newsletter.


Potential Suburban Orchard

Living Unlimited board member Susan Riggle Waterson is in contract to purchase a 3+ acre property in El Sobrante. The plan is for Susan to complete the purchase and then transfer the property (at the same price as it was purchased) to a new limited liability company (LLC) owned by fifteen Living Unlimited families. The property is convenient, well-priced, and large enough for four homes and plenty of gardens. This is a great opportunity for families to join together to build a safe, healthy, and stable community with abundant access to the outdoors for their special children. If you are interested in this opportunity, please drop Susan an email at and write in the subject line "Interested in Suburban Orchard."
If we gather enough interest, this could be our flagship property!
 Please let us know by Thursday, December 1, if you are at all interested.

Volunteer Opportunities

Living Unlimited is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that believes we are better together and do not have to travel alone.  If you are interested in contributing, simply send an email to  Committees include: advocacy, legal, property search, area representative, partner programs, communications, operations, fundraising, financial and tech.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Living Unlimited!
"It is the simple things in life that are most precious.  My son constantly reminds me to slow down and enjoy these moments with him."
Miran, LU Board Member

"I am so grateful that my 'special' child has taught my 'typical' child so much more than I ever could. He's taught her patience, acceptance, unconditional love, resilience, independence, delayed gratification, and how to go with the flow (even when the flow doesn't make any sense). I remember all the times I felt stressed when the kids were young that I wasn't able to be the perfect mom, one who could handle anything and all for my children. Thank goodness my 'special' guy was there to help me get over that! There are a lot of life lessons that his sister (and his dad and I) would have missed. We're still receiving lessons daily . . . but now we realize what a blessing they are!" 
Susan, LU Board Member

"It has been a most interesting journey for my special needs son and me. We have been on a road filled with many obstacles. When I saw there was a 'Y' in the road ahead, I realized we had a choice. We could stay on sadness, grief, anger and fear, or we could veer over to community, hope, camaraderie and joy. I am so thankful we chose the right way.  Being part of LU gives me peace and hope for the future." 
Carrie, LU volunteer, Communications Committee  

"In today's divisive climate, we need tolerance and respect.  Many talk about tolerance, but it is so hard to teach.  Having a special needs child has made us really examine our hearts, and we have found that he has planted tolerance, respect and unconditional love better than any lecture or sermon.  He has made us better people in ways that truly matter. We are awed that because of all his challenges he has had such a profound positive impact on our family, and we are thankful that our family accepts him just as he is." 
Anita, LU volunteer, Tech Committee  

"Our family GETS to create a community for our Robbie, a place where he can spread joy to his friends and family, and hopefully some chickens and goats too! How lucky are we!  We've taken the sadness and anger we had when we realized we were on the road less travelled and have decided each day to turn it into ACTION!   We are so thankful to the families working with Living Unlimited." 
—Beth, LU Peninsula Area Representative 

We are so thankful to have our special girl in our lives. She is always quick with a smile and a little giggle.  We have met some amazing, compassionate individuals on our journey with her.  The people who dedicate their lives to the needy through their work or volunteering time are truly exceptional, and I give thanks to them.
—Tom, LU Parent
"I am grateful that our beautiful son was blessed with a happy temperament, a smile that lights up the room, and a love of the outdoors. I am grateful to live in the community we live in, to have found the amazing people associated with Living Unlimited, and to have hope we can make our son's life as comfortable and pleasurable as possible for as long as he lives."
- Karen, LU Volunteer
Java With Jerry
Living Unlimited parent volunteer Beth Goddard and her son Robbie shared a cup of java with California senator Jerry Hill.  The senator was eager to hear about all of the work Living Unlimited is doing for the ID/DD community.